We are an independently owned music company offering a wide range of creative and business services to artists, songwriters and bands. We have a hand picked select bunch of upcoming artists already working and performing under the banner of Twisted Melon. For us it's definitely a case of quality not quantity. We have no goal to take on a certain number of acts or acts of any particular genre. It simply works like this......
If your act or band turns our heads or pricks up our ears because we think you have that something different and/or special, then chances are we'll come to you to do what we can to help. 
For us it's not about money, control or kudos, its about our passion for music. If you like us, have something we like and also that same passion, lets talk.
From general management to mentoring we'll work with you to fulfil your potential as performers and look to take your act to the next level.
The Twisted Melon blueprint is and always has been pretty simple. We recruit and surround ourselves with exceptional people at the top of their game allowing us to provide an exceptional service.