Dishy Tangent

In the beginning Reason and Matt Shilk combined their musical attributes and knowledge to

form a duo know as ‘Dishy Tangent’ back in 2012. Along the way they have collaborated with a

number of artists using a vibrant mix of midi, vocal harmonies, rapping and the use of live


This created a truly unique condition to allow for the formation of some fantastic genre-busting

musical masterpieces. The duo evolved when Matt moved on, and Reason continued the

project solo. In 2014 Adam joined on guitar duties, and in 2015 Sonic and Iason joined on bass

and drums to complete the current line-up. 

Dishy Tangent have since been preparing to take the sound of Dishy from the studio to the live stage,

and performances have been booked around the UK to spread their

infectious sound.

In 2018 the band won the Twisted Melon Battle Of The Bands competition 

& subsequently performed at Festival Too, the largest un-ticketed free

festival in Europe supporting The Darkness

Dishy Tangent are:

Reason (Vocal)

Adam (Lead Guitar)

Sonic (Bass)

Iason (Drums)